-Actor Carl Arild Heffermehl got nightmares after watching the first trailer for THE THRILL OF A KILL.

-Director Lars-Erik Lie almost went ballistic several times, due to the everlasting problems in making this movie, but that is the world of independent and extremely low-low-low bugdet filming.

-As far as we know, no other movies - made in Norway - for as little as 5000 dollars, have ever been released by a major DVD-company before. So this is the first time, and so THE THRILL OF A KILL makes history here!

-Due to hard drinking and fighting between some of our crew members, one weekend of filming had to be postponed with three weeks. One actor got fired from the film due to this behavior.

-In one of the flashbackscenes we were supposed to use an old car, but when the driver was on his way out to the set, he paniced cause some big loggingmachines had destroyed the road so much, so he did not want to drive any further. He just turned the car, and drove back, leaving us on the set, without any car. The shooting of the scene had to be done several weeks later - and this time with an old bicycle instead of a car.

-Before the last day of shooting we decided to order pizza, but because some of our female actors spent 2 hours discussing what ingredients to have on the pizza, Arve Herman Tangen got so frustrated, he decided to go home instead and eat egg and bacon.

-Several of the cast and crew members suffered a lot during the shooting of THE THRILL... everything from the flu, spine problems, cancer, stomach operation, heavy drinking etc. gave us lots of challenges to deal with. No wonder we spent several years shooting this film... :)