-On May 16th 2012, Facebook blocks out director Lars-Erik Lie, because he is responsible for uploading av photo which he apparently are not allowed to share. The photo we speak about is the DVD-cover for his own film - THE THRILL OF A KILL. The cover is made by Lie and M.Olsen at Another World Entertainment, pieced together with pictures from Lie s own camera. So Facebook have decided we are not allowed to release the DVD-cover from our own movie, made with photos we have taken ourself. Congrats to Facebook for this idiotdecission! :)

-The ending of the movie was re-written 5 times and shot 2 times. The first ending scene crashed because of  techniqal errors, and we had to reshoot everything. Luckily the new ending turned out to be way better than the first one.

-The cost of the movie is only approx. $5000, and making a full-feature film for this little amount of money is no easy task.

-Director Lars-Erik Lie had to drive a Corvette moped 25 kilometers out to location in the woods. On snow...

-Our trailer was banned at, due to: "...extreme violence"

-Our leading female actors, Kirsten Jakobsen and Camilla Vestbø Losvik survived mostly on Nutrilett bars during the shooting of THE THRILL OF A KILL.

-Toril Skansen owns a rottweiler dog. When the crew went out to location to shoot the final scenes of the film, the dog stayed at our house, eating a pizza we forgot there. Pizza for NOK 300,- where gone when we returned to the house in the evening, the dog was damn thirsty due to the big intake of taco and jalapeno.