April 12th 2013:
"Cult Movies Reviewed" is out with a review on TOAK, and 4 out of 5 stars is pretty good for us!

March 15th 2013:
Several new reviews lately. This time from the French website and Razoor Reel.

March 4th 2013:
And here is the Japanese review for our film. Horror Shox is a Japanese blogsite for horrorfilms.

February 24th 2013:
Time for another "slaughter-review" again, this time is from the Dutch site "Cinemagazine".

February 17th 2013:
"Peek-a-Boo-Magazine" loves THE THRILL OF A KILL! Check out their review here!

January 24th 2013:
TOAK was released on DVD in Holland on January 22nd. This is a big breakthrough for Norwegian amateur-moviemaking! Hope the Dutch people will enjoy the film, but here is a guy who hate the film so much he nominated it as the worst film of 2012. :)

December 28th 2012:
A short review of our film is done by "Vaultkeeper" on YouTube. Fastforward out to 6 minutes in the video to hear his reaction on THE THRILL OF A KILL.

December 18th 2012: talks about the release of THE THRILL OF A KILL in Holland, plus CINEMAGORE have a review out on our film.