December 1st 2015:
Finally things are happening! TOAK will be release in the USA on January 26th 2016, by Wild Eye Releasing. You can pre-order it at Amazon. Nordic Fantasy have an article on the release.

July 20th 2014:
Pete Ellott from New Zealand writes for several horror-sites. Here is his review on our film.

February 21st 2014:
Another review of TOAK showed up. This is what TRASH CITY thinks about us.

January 1st 2014:
TOAK is awarded "BEST FOREIGN HORROR FILM" at "B- is for best" filmblog!

July 25th 2013:
B is for Best, an American filmblog, is out with a very warm and positive review of TOAK.

July 13th 2013:
Here is a little treat for you all! We have just released a previously unreleased trailer for TOAK!
And Violence Productions are now present on VIMEO as well, so you can watch all TOAK-trailers there as well as on YouTube. VIMEO is usually better in picturequality, so check it out!

June 19th 2013:
We found another review for TOAK. This is from a blog called THE BASE.

May 21th 2013:
Another reivew for TOAK is out! This time it is Thank you guys!!