DVD cover layout. PG-rated cover for THE THRILL OF A KILL. Poster for THE THRILL OF A KILL. Layout/artwork: Arve Herman Tangen. New poster for THE THRILL OF A KILL. Close-up of  Veronica Karlsmoens tied hands. Linda Ramona Nattali Eliassen sees everything upside-down. Helene Myhre needs a hand...."The Butcher" Arne Ronny Lie Øvergård . Linn Hege Sagen have lost her tongue. Ina Westheim - hang around. Maria A. Lie Øvergård is the crawling zombie..Linda Ramona Nattali Eliassen had a bloody and cold day in the swamp.  Jarl Kjetil Tøraasen - full throttle. Ina Westheim covered in blood.  Arve Herman Tangen in his butcheroutfit. Camilla Vestbø Losvik is hogtied. Raymond Bless and Sonja Bredesen. Tom Lindgren testing his axe. Early promopicture - 2007. Early promopicture - 2007. Tone Karlsmoen - early promopicture 2007. Elisabeth Hagebakken fell aslepp on a stone. Promopicture 2007 - throatcut.Elisabeth Hagebakken after a hard day at work. Helene Myhre lputs make-up on herself. Kirsten Jakobsen checking the tools. Camilla Vestbø Losvik and Kirsten Jakobsen hanging around.Ann-Kristin Lind taking a bloodbath.  Madicken Kulsrud is stuck to the wall. Toril Skansen har tastes the theaterblood. Dirctor Lars-Erik Lie adjusting the camcorder. Kirsten Jakobsen is chained. Director Lars-Erik Lie with 3 of the ladies from THE THRILL OF A KILL. Sonja Bredesen taking a rest in the snow. Carl Arild Heffermehl is drawing. Niclas Falkman and Sonja Bredesen looking "tipsy".